Who’s Who?







Mr Gordon Jones

Vice Presidents

Mr Ieuan Jones

Mr Tegwyn Jones

Mr Ellis Jones



Mr Huw Morris

Vice Chairman

Mr Wyn Morris

Admin Secretary

Mr Bryan Rees Davies

Concert Secretary

Mr Gerald Martin


Dr Peter Jones


Mr Ifan Owen


Musical Director and Conductor – Miss Rhonwen Jones-Broom

We were delighted to be able to appoint a new Conductor for our choir to take the place of Tegwyn, who retired after seventeen years at the helm, when Rhonwen Jones, a native of Llandderfel Nr. Bala, took up the leadership at Easter 2012. We were looking forward very much to having the benefit of her ability and lifelong engagement with the world of music. We have not been disappointed.

Rhonwen has proved to be a delightful and determined leader of the choir. Her confident sensitivity, musical competence, and undoubted wit constantly remind us that we are truly fortunate to be under her direction.  This is reflected in our growing repertoire and in our competition & concert singing.

Rhonwen is no stranger to the big stages. Not only is she an experienced chorister, singing with Penllys and Bro Gwerfyl mixed choirs but she has also made a name for herself singing as a soloist and duettist. She frequently sings solo or is Mrs Olwen Jones’s partner in duets at our concerts. It is a happy thing that both she and Tegwyn, her predecessor, feature together on our list of soloists.

Accompanist – Mrs Lynda Thomas

Lynda is a native of the Tanat Valley, and was educated in the local schools before studying Music as her main subject at Bangor Normal College.  After beginning her career in Llanfair Talhaiarn she brought back all her talents to Montgomeryshire where, as a  primary school  teacher in Welshpool and Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, she has opened to generations of children the joy of music and especially, has helped them to enjoy and contribute to the fullness of our national culture. She has the special talent given to some pianists; that of being a gifted accompanist, and both school and local choirs reap the benefit of her perception and generosity.

Deputy Conductors – Christopher Belk and Paul Young

Christopher has been a member of the choir for fourteen years, having made the decision very shortly after coming to live in the Tanat Valley.  While he did not see himself in the role of a conductor, we know that his insights into those awkward part of a piece are always important and  perceptive.  Chris has committed himself to learning Welsh and deepening his understanding of the culture of Wales.  He has been a lifelong chorister and so adds all the wealth of that experience to this new venture we are making together.

Paul was born in North London, studied music at Jesus College Cambridge, and, since, trained as a music therapist; helping children and young people with disabilities to develop confidence in communication. He plays piano and flute and has accompanied various soloists and choirs in England and Wales, including the Wrexham Eisteddfod Choir and Côr Meibion Llangollen. Paul’s other interests include bird-watching. We have newly asked Paul (Spring 2015) to be one of the Deputy Conductors of the choir and this was a natural extension of his role since, as the Bass section well appreciate, he has been involved in our preparation for most of the challenging occasions that we have been facing.  

We always have with us in concerts our soloists:-

Mr Garry Evans,

is from the second tenor section and sings some of the solo parts of particular Choir items such as  “The Silver Trumpet”.

Mr Gareth Davies,

Gareth is from the bass section of the choir and sings solo pieces such as ‘Bryniau Aur Fy Ngwlad’.

Mr Eifion Williams

is our Stage Manager and makes sure that we arrive on stage in good order.

Mr Huw Morris

makes sure that everyone and everything is in order when Eifion is unable to lead us.

Mr Trevor Foster

is the teasing Irishman in our midst and our concert Compere whose fund of impeccable funny stories sets the scene for what is always an enjoyable occasion.

Alwyn Williams

Our Press Correspondents and, when we have a Welsh engagement, Alwyn draws on a lifetime in the world of education when he takes over the role of Compere.

Mr Roger Evans

our sales manager looks after sales of our CDs  and tapes that are available after each concert.


The Choir as a whole makes decisions regarding concerts, trips, joint events and such like during the interval at each rehearsal and we are in that way completely democratic.

Our history and geography indicate that we are largely a choir of farmers and rural craftsmen but that does not preclude other occupations.  It is a matter of some amusement, when we are introduced, that we could call on the services of a Headmaster, Doctor,  Dentist,  Banker, Lawyer, a Clergyman, and Undertaker.  And yes, we do admit Englishmen!

 At the moment we are a growing choir and the arrival of new choristers has increased our number to over 40.





Eifion Williams

Garry Evans *

Barrie Griffiths

Ianto Jones *

Merfyn Williams *

Chris Williams *

Philip Ellis

Meirion Jones

Howard Owen

David Jones

Wyn Davies *

Gwylfa Jones

Tim Carpenter

Tegwyn Jones

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones

Trevor Foster

Ieuan Jones *

Merfyn Evans

Geraint Jones

Llewelyn Rogers

David Jones

Arwyn Jones

Huw Morris

Peter Williams *

Gerald Martin

Alwyn Williams

Aled Jones

Geraint Davies

Ifan Owen

Peter Crocker

Christopher Belk

Peter Jones

Alec Beer

Wynn Morris

Glyn Jones

Gwynn Jackson-Jones

Gareth Wyn Davies

David Weston

Roger Evans

Bryan Davies

Paul Jenkins

Neil Smith

Ifan Jones

Dufford Scott

John Rowles

Geraint Jones

* Committee Representatives


We are always open to receiving new recruits who are welcomed into the most suitable section for their voice. There is an initial uncommitted period which gives both the Musical Director, and the hopeful, an informal opportunity to assess whether it is wise to continue.  It is a great deal of fun – why not give it a try?

We rehearse on a Wednesday at the Village Hall, 8pm.